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    Purple Anal Pen
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    Vibrating LunaBeads
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Sex Toys Online in Loviux


At LOVIUX we think that offering our customers the best shopping experience of erotic toys is the key to success. For this reason, we give you detailed information about all our toys for adults as well as about their most advanced commercial features.

Have you ever wondered if you need an erotic sexual toy? If the answer is yes, which one should you choose? Our online erotic shop is specially designed to help you with this. The Sex Shop LOVIUX has the largest collection of sexual toys, especially of vibrators, where people like you share their opinions and experiences about erotic toys, so that you can make the right choice when buying online our products for pleasure.

How reliable is our delivery service? You will receive your sexual products in discreet light brown packages, so that your neighbours or even the delivery man won't suspect anything. Nobody will know what is inside the package. Our sex shop processes most of the orders in 24 hours and our delivery time is of about 3-4 days. You can also choose the cash on delivery method, available in our online shop.

If you need further information about some of our erotic toys, our customer service will be glad to help you. Would you like to chat with one of our agents? You just have to click on "Do you need Help?" at the bottom side of all our online sex shop pages.

Welcome to LOVIUX Online Sex Shop, where you can find the most complete and detailed information about sexual toys for adults!


Loviux offers you all you need to make your most wished fantasies come true. We put at your disposal all kind of sexual toys going from getting own pleasure to mutual pleasure between you and your partner. Turn the preliminary sexual games into what your partner likes the best, make your fantasies and his/hers come true, so that penetration becomes the cherry on top.  Explore here a world of pleasure, full of objects that will turn every minute into a sweet feeling.

Give free rein to your fantasies

Which fantasies have you thought of? Why cannot they come true? The sexual toys we sell at Loviux are aimed at all possible situations. You can get here masturbators of all kinds, dildos, vibrating balls and lubricants. Both for giving pleasure to your partner and for asking him/her to satisfy you, you will find here all you need. Our catalogue provides you with those items to easily create an erotic and sexual moment to start the encounter, such as board and dice games, and if you are into something more complex, you can try here other kinds of fantasies, for instance BDSM.

Quality and Variety of Erotic Products

Is quality important? Trust us. The products we sell are of the best brands, such as Fun Factory, Durex, Pjur, Lelo, Fleslight, Picobong and Marc Dorcel Our catalogue is characterized by including a wide range of products at the best price, so that you don't have any excuse to decide to experiment with your sexuality. We are aware that we enjoy more of sex without fears, so we offer solutions of products that make you enjoy without thinking about consequences. Our catalogue includes a wide range of condoms, lubricants of the best specialized brands and even anal cleaning products.

Discretion is our symbol

Are you looking for discretion? At Loviux, we can give it to you. You can shop with the secret package mode. Your orders are delivered in a discreet package so as no to raise suspicions, keeping thus your fantasies secret. As well as worrying about our customers’ satisfaction, we also search for an effective customer service. The orders are delivered in about 3 or 4 days, all your purchases can be refunded and we also deliver abroad in case you don't live in a British locality.

Loviux says Yes! to your sexual experimentation

You don't need to wonder if a sexual toy is for you or not, just take a chance to work it out. Loviux will always be next to you to give you all what you need. Also, you don't pay the delivery fees if you spend more than 149£ (for deliveries in the UK only).

Loviux Mission

Loviux Online Sex shop in the largest online erotic shop in Europe.

Our mission is to offer the greatest satisfaction with an incomparable customer service and prices that you will never find in other online sex shops. You can find all kinds of toys, both for him and her, or for the couple. From vibrators, the well-known and healthy Chinese balls, dildos and vibrating rings, up to massage oils or male masturbators, special for men. Here you can buy all these products in our Sex Shop.

We are improving day after day to offer you the best erotic toys brands, with the seriousness and professionalism that characterize us. We hope you enjoy our online erotic shop and sex shop. If you have any doubt, please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.