Sex Dice: Roll the dice, spice up the action in your bedroom.


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  1. Sensual Trio
  2. Seductive Restraints
  3. Secret Game
  4. Night Glow
  5. Erotic Dice 25 mm
  6. Unroutine Game
  7. ChronoBliss
  8. Secret Trio: Dice Game
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11 Items Dices

Set Descending Direction
Are you feeling lucky today? Loviux invites you to roll the dice... but not just any dice, we're talking about sexual dice, those little pleasure cubes that can turn an ordinary night into an unpredictable and exciting adventure. If you thought chess was the ultimate strategy game, get ready to explore the board of desire, where every roll is a master move towards ecstasy. In this corner of Loviux, we have gathered a selection of erotic dice that promise to raise the temperature of your nights, days, and even your mornings. With them, chance decides for you, freeing you from the chains of routine and leading you down unexplored paths of pleasure. Are you daring enough to roll the dice and see where they land?

Why Add Sexual Dice to Your Collection?

Imagine a game where the prize is always a moment of passion and connection with your partner. Sexual dice are not only fun but also a powerful tool to explore new territories in your intimate life. With a simple roll, you can uncover hidden desires, break the ice, or simply add a touch of unpredictability that makes each encounter unique.

A Spark-Igniting Variety

At Loviux, we understand that every couple is different, which is why our selection of erotic dice is as diverse as the ways to love. From dice with Kamasutra positions that challenge you to try postures outside your usual repertoire, to dice featuring actions and body parts that invite you to give and receive pleasure in novel ways. And for the more adventurous, we have dice sets that combine both, for a night of exploration without limits!

How to Use Sexual Dice to Maximize Pleasure

  • Turn the game into an adventure: Establish rules that increase anticipation. For example, you can decide that each roll must be preceded by a kiss, or that the winner of the previous round decides how the next action is carried out.
  • Explore without limits: Use the dice to discuss fantasies that you might not dare to mention otherwise. The game is the perfect pretext to open new doors!
  • Add accessories: Combine the dice with other erotic toys from Loviux for an even richer and varied experience. Who said board games couldn't be stimulating?

Why Loviux Is Your Best Ally in the Game of Desire

At Loviux, we not only offer you a selection of sexual dice that will awaken your imagination; we provide you with the key to unlock a world of possibilities in your intimate life. Our dice are just the beginning: here you will find everything you need to take your games to new levels of pleasure and connection. With discreet shipping, a secure purchasing platform, and a dedicated team selecting the best products on the market, Loviux is where the game never ends. Ready to roll the dice and see where luck takes you? Explore our collection and find the perfect set for you and your partner. Remember, in the game of desire, everyone wins.

Roll the Dice and Discover Unlimited Pleasure!

Sexual dice are more than a game: they are an invitation to explore, laugh, connect, and discover pleasure in its most playful and surprising form. At Loviux, we firmly believe in the power of play to enrich our sexual lives. So, we encourage you to give this small but potent accessory a try. Who knows? Perhaps the next roll will reveal an unknown facet of your partner, or maybe it will lead you to experience the greatest pleasure of your life. One thing is certain, with Loviux's sexual dice, boredom is not welcome in your bedroom. So don't wait any longer, explore our selection of sexual dice and start building your own game of desire. Because at Loviux, we believe that the best way to enjoy life is by playing. And you, are you ready to roll?