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Slide into New Dimensions of Pleasure: Anal Lubricants, Your Passport to Ecstasy.


37 Items Anal Lubes

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  1. Jojoba Anal Lubricant 100ml
  2. Anal Ease Spray 20ml
  3. UltraGlide Fisting Gel
  4. Ouch! - anal relaxer - 100ml
  5. LubriSil 236ml
  6. Anal Initiation Kit
  7. Swiss Navy Anal Lube
  8. Fleshslide 250ml
  9. Spunk lubricant - 100 ml
  10. Anal LubriShots 100ml
  11. Anal LubriHeat 75ml
  12. Eros power anal 250ml
  13. Eros aqua power anal 250ml
    Special Price $16.33 Regular Price $20.40
  14. Anal Oil Femme 30ml
  15. Anal Relax Spray 30 ml
    Special Price $17.42 Regular Price $23.10
  16. Anal LubriSafe 250ml
    Special Price $13.05 Regular Price $16.07
  17. Relaxanal 150ml
    Special Price $15.23 Regular Price $17.07
  18. Anal LubriMan 150ml
    Special Price $14.14 Regular Price $17.07
  19. Aqua Anal Lubricant 1000ml
    Special Price $23.97 Regular Price $29.13
  20. AnalLube Aqua 500ml
    Special Price $17.42 Regular Price $21.09
  21. Anal Bliss Serum 20ml
    Special Price $25.06 Regular Price $25.07
  22. AnalLube Aqua
  23. LubriMan 250 - Male Anal Lubricant
    Special Price $17.42 Regular Price $21.09
  24. Anal Relaxing Smooth Glide
    Special Price $20.69 Regular Price $24.10
  25. Analysis Gel
  26. Super rutscher lubricant 200 ml
    Special Price $9.77 Regular Price $10.15
  27. LubriEssence 100ml
    Special Price $16.33 Regular Price $22.09
  28. Anal Relaxing Pjur 30ml
    Special Price $10.87 Regular Price $11.00
  29. SlidePro 100ml
    Special Price $8.68 Regular Price $12.05
  30. Exxtreme anal spray
  31. FreshCool Anal Gel
  32. LubeGlide
    Special Price $14.14 Regular Price $20.08

37 Items Anal Lubes

Set Descending Direction
Ready to glide into a world of unexplored pleasures? Welcome to Loviux's **Anal Lubricants** category, where each product promises to be the perfect accomplice on your journey towards ecstasy. Here, taboos turn into invites, and exploration is the keyword. But let's not get ahead of ourselves; let's dive together into this oasis of sensations. Imagine a direct passport to pleasure, a master key unlocking doors that were once closed, or perhaps, slightly ajar. **Anal lubricants** are not just accessories; they are true facilitators of a smooth and sensation-filled journey. With them, every experience is a new chance to discover your pleasure map and your partner's, without any turbulence. **A Universe of Possibilities** At Loviux, we understand that every pleasure seeker is unique. That's why our selection of anal lubricants is designed to satisfy everyone from the novices to the most experienced explorers. Here, the variety is as broad as your curiosity: - **Water-based lubricants:** Perfect for those seeking a gentle experience, compatible with toys, and easy to clean. The ideal option to get the game started. - **Silicone-based lubricants:** For the pleasure marathons, they provide long-lasting lubrication that allows you to explore without dryness worries. They are the perfect companions for those extended passion sessions. - **Hybrid lubricants:** Why choose? Enjoy the best of both worlds with lubricants that combine the ease of cleaning of water and the durability of silicone. - **Lubricants with effects:** Add an extra to your adventure with lubricants that warm, cool, or tingle, designed to amplify each sensation and take your pleasure to new heights. **The Sensation Is What Counts** In our quest for pleasure, comfort is king. Loviux's **anal lubricants** are specially formulated to ensure a safe as well as enjoyable experience. With the highest quality ingredients, every drop is a caress that preps, relaxes, and invites you to enjoy the journey without distractions. Moreover, we understand the importance of caring for all aspects of your adventure. That's why you'll find sensitive options for delicate skin, without parabens or added fragrances, ensuring your only concern is what new territory you'll discover next. **Why Choose Loviux's Anal Lubricants?** Because we understand the art of anal exploration. We know that every detail matters and that, on this journey, the quality of the lubricant can make all the difference between a forgettable and an unforgettable experience. At Loviux, we don't just sell products; we offer passports to pleasure. And because we believe in safe and consensual exploration, our products are selected with the utmost care, ensuring they meet the highest standards of safety and satisfaction. Here, your wellbeing is our priority. **Prepare for the Adventure** Whether you're taking your first steps into the world of anal pleasure or you're an experienced explorer, Loviux's **anal lubricants** are your essential gear. With them, each session promises discovery, each moment an opportunity to let yourself be carried away by the waves of desire. So, why not take the leap? Dive into our selection and find the lubricant that will make your next adventure unforgettable. At Loviux, pleasure is guaranteed, it's just up to you to start the journey. Browse our category, choose your travel companion, and get ready to explore the wonderful world of anal pleasure with the confidence and safety that only Loviux can offer. Now that you know the secret to a smooth and pleasurable experience, the adventure is in your hands. Ready to glide towards unknown horizons? With Loviux, the sky (and the place you choose) is the limit. Explore, enjoy, repeat! **Welcome to Loviux's slickest and most exciting zone!** Here, in the **Anal Lubricants** category, we take pleasure very seriously, but always with a smile. We've created an oasis of sensations where every drop of our products promises to elevate your adventures to new enjoyment levels. But, are you curious about how these wonderful elixirs can transform your experience? Let's dive into a sea of answers that will clear all your doubts. **Frequently Asked Questions About Anal Lubricants** **How do you use these products?** Using anal lubricants is as simple as it is pleasurable. First, ensure that both you and your toy or partner are ready for the adventure. Apply a generous amount of lubricant directly onto the anal area and onto any toys or body parts involved in the play. Remember, the secret is in generosity; don't skimp on lubricant to ensure a smooth and fully enjoyable experience. **What are they specifically for?** Anal lubricants are not just accessories; they are true magicians of pleasure. They are designed to facilitate penetration and movement in the anal area, a region with less natural lubrication. By reducing friction, they not only make the experience more comfortable but also more intense and pleasurable. Plus, some come with special effects like warming or cooling to add an extra dimension of sensation. **Are all types of lubricants safe to use with toys?** This is an excellent question. While water-based lubricants are safe to use with almost all toys, silicone-based lubricants can degrade toys made of the same material. If you're using a silicone toy, we recommend opting for a water-based or hybrid lubricant to keep your toys in the best shape. **Can I use these products if I have sensitive skin?** Absolutely! At Loviux, we believe pleasure is for everyone, which is why we offer hypoallergenic and sensitive skin options. These products are formulated without parabens or added fragrances, minimizing the risk of irritation. Nonetheless, we always recommend doing a small skin test before diving fully into the experience. **How do I choose the right anal lubricant for me?** The choice depends on your personal preferences and the type of experience you're looking for. If you're new to anal play, you might start with a water-based lubricant that's easy to clean. If you're looking for longer sessions or enjoy water play, a silicone-based lubricant could be your best ally. And if you love experimenting with sensations, don't miss the lubricants with effects. Explore our selection and let your desires guide your choice. Absolutely. Even if you feel prepared and excited, the anal area does not produce lubrication naturally, making the use of a good anal lubricant essential. This not only makes the experience more pleasurable but is also important to prevent discomfort or injuries. Consider anal lubricant as your best friend on the road to pleasure. **How do I maintain hygiene when using anal lubricants?** Maintaining good hygiene is crucial. We recommend cleaning the anal area before and after play, and making sure your hands and any toys are clean. Opt for easy-to-clean lubricants, like those based on water, for a hassle-free experience. And remember, never use the same toy in different areas without proper cleaning to avoid transferring bacteria. With this FAQ guide, we hope to have illuminated the path to a pleasure-filled and safe anal experience. At Loviux, every drop of our anal lubricants is an invitation to explore the delicious world of pleasure with confidence and joy. So, glide into the fun; we're here to make every moment unforgettable. Explore, enjoy, and repeat!