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  1. Jo anal h2o lube 120 ml
  2. Jo anal h2o lube 60 ml
  3. Jo anal premium lube 75 ml
  4. Jo anal h2o lube cool 75 ml
  5. Jo anal premium lube 135 ml
  6. Mister b relax 25 ml
  7. Jo anal h2o lube cool 135 ml
  8. Eros power anal 250ml
    Special Price $30.50 Regular Price $38.43
  9. Toyjoy anal lube water based 100 ml
    Special Price $6.73 Regular Price $11.31
  10. Ero anal black side cream 30 ml
    Special Price $20.32 Regular Price $21.49
  11. Ero anal back side spray 50 ml
    Special Price $20.32 Regular Price $21.49
  12. S8 wb anal lube 50ml
  13. S8 warming wb anal lube 125ml
  14. S8 cooling wb anal lube 125ml
  15. Fist it gold - 500ml
  16. Ouch! - anal relaxer - 100ml
  17. Kink anal lubricant 136gr.
  18. Eros relax woman anal spray
    Special Price $18.05 Regular Price $21.43
  19. Numbing lubricant - 100 ml
  20. Spunk lubricant - 100 ml
  21. Anal ease - 20ml
  22. Jo anal h2o lube 240 ml
  23. Moist anal lube
  24. Waterbased anal lube - 100 ml
  25. Swiss navy anal lube - 2oz
  26. Swiss navy anal lube - 1oz
  27. Swiss navy anal lube - 118ml
  28. Lightening cream 60ml
  29. Numbing lubricant - 100 ml
  30. Cbl cobeco anal lubel 100ml
  31. Bodylube anal lube latex safe 250ml
    Special Price $13.53 Regular Price $13.99
  32. Male anal lubricant 150 ml.
  33. Male anal relax 150 ml.
    Special Price $15.79 Regular Price $15.86
  34. Cobeco anal lube 500 ml

Items 1-81 of 104 Anal Lubes

Set Descending Direction

Anal Lubricants Store

Anal sex is a pleasant experience that causes great pleasure, both for men and women it is ideal that lubricants are used, since the anus does not produce natural lubrication as the vagina does, so it is essential when practicing the anal sex . In fact, to fully enjoy an optimal glide, where there are no pain, since the lubricant facilitates penetration .

There are also some sexual lubricants , which act specifically as anal relaxants , so that the natural muscular tension of the anatomy is avoided, which can sometimes make it difficult for the penis to enter the anus, which will help improve the experience. If it is a person who is just starting out in the game of anal sex , it will be essential to use lubricants as well as the previous preparation through the finger or the use of sex toys , that will help the person can intensely enjoy anal sex.

Hygiene is also of utmost importance when it comes to anal sex , both for cleaning the penis for penetration and for the anus.

On the other hand, there are different lubricants that are silicone and water based. The latter is the most suitable when it comes to anal sex since it allows greater absorption, but it has a shorter duration since it dries after a few minutes. In addition it is also the most recommended for sex toys , because its composition does not harm the materials.

In the case of silicone lubricant it has a longer duration, but it is more recommended for use in water and it is compatible with condoms. However, some people may be allergic , which will cause irritation after a while, so it is ideal to check the label.