Bullets and Eggs Vibrators

Vibrating eggs and bullets are the store's flagship gift-giving product. The famous cordless love egg is a vibrating egg that works wirelessly. Do not miss the opportunity to buy a vibrating egg or a vibrating bullet , both are very easy to use erotic toys that will make you feel things that you have never experienced before.


Items 1-78 of 411 Bullets and Eggs Vibrators

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  1. Crush boo blue
    Special Price $36.37 Regular Price $40.06
  2. Diamond power bullet black
  3. Bullet vibe with sleeve black
    Special Price $94.66 Regular Price $133.57
  4. Crush mi amor purpleish red
  5. Tenga vi-bo twin orb
    Special Price $30.30 Regular Price $30.36
  6. Soft touch stimulator blue
  7. Diamond pink superbe vibrator
    Special Price $20.58 Regular Price $20.63
  8. Isex usb slim bullet white
    Special Price $16.94 Regular Price $22.42
  9. Isex usb kegel balls white
    Special Price $25.44 Regular Price $30.43
  10. Silhouette s1 pink
  11. Double ended vibrator 2x with remote - purple
    Special Price $101.94 Regular Price $115.24
  12. Univibe vibrating bullet - black
    Special Price $15.73 Regular Price $18.09
  13. Ocean storm egg with remote - pink
    Special Price $84.94 Regular Price $133.52
  14. Ro-90 scarlet velvet
  15. Tiffany
  16. Paradise egg - purple
  17. The swan clutch pink
  18. Slay exciter
  19. Wristband remote panty teaser
  20. Bathmate vibe black os
  21. Red hot flame - red
  22. Kegel egg - purple
  23. Zeppelina - purple
  24. Inya jade - purple
  25. Rock candy bullets - blue
  26. Rock candy bullets - pink
  27. Rock candy bullets - purple
  28. Rock candy bullets - red
  29. Gummy vibes - blue
  30. Gummy vibes - pink
  31. Gummy vibes - purple
  32. Gummy vibes - red

Items 1-78 of 411 Bullets and Eggs Vibrators

Set Descending Direction

Vibrating Eggs are a new way to enjoy sexual pleasures. These remote control vibrating devices are ergonomically manufactured to allow good grip and easy use. Similar to an egg, the gently pointed narrow end is perfect for stimulating the clitoris, while the entire egg is small enough to fit in the anus or vagina. Generally, a vibrating egg will have multiple speeds of vibration, and some may also have a remote control. These are perfect for beginners as they are easy to use, offer a fast and very easy way to have fun and are very affordable. There are many types of materials that can be used when making these eggs, as they can be made of smooth and soft metal, flexible silicone or even gelatin.

The main benefit of vibrating eggs is that they are very quiet and small and in this way they can be completely discreet when you store them or when you use them. However, not all eggs are waterproof, so if you like to play in water, you will have to find a model specifically made for water. Since many of these eggs have wireless remote controls, you can also enjoy an unusual companion teasing from afar if you want. All couples can enjoy this charming erotic toy!