Sensitivity enhancers

Here you can find vaginal sensitivity stimulators . We have the best brands and the best stimulators like the famous Durex Play O. Buy vaginal stimulators now at the sexshop .


Items 1-81 of 89 Sensitivity enhancers

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  1. Shiatsu samurai drops
  2. Shiatsu orgasmus couple cream
  3. Shiatsu retardant cream
  4. Pearl lust masaje - 30 ml
  5. Fresh me! display - 24pcs
  6. Lightening cream 60ml
  7. Butterfly flirt drops 30ml
  8. Cobeco bois band㉠125ml
  9. Cobeco hot spicy girl 20ml
  10. Spanish fly fresh apple
  11. Splashers - 40 pcs
  12. Aphrodict love drops
    Special Price $10.68 Regular Price $13.41
  13. Saninex pherowoman exciting desire pheromone 150 ml
    Special Price $14.97 Regular Price $19.46
  14. Saninex pherowoman libido power pheromone 150 ml
    Special Price $14.97 Regular Price $19.46
  15. Saninex pherowoman multi orgasmic pheromone 150 ml
    Special Price $14.97 Regular Price $19.46
  16. Ero love drops m/f 30ml
  17. Ero clitoris creme stimulating
    Special Price $16.04 Regular Price $16.08
  18. Jo oral delight vanilla 30 ml
  19. Jo spicy clitoral gel 10 ml
  20. Jo clitoral gel atomic 10 ml
  21. Hot pheromon gel woman 15 ml
  22. The ultimate bull power delay gel
    Special Price $14.97 Regular Price $20.35
  23. Butt booster
  24. Allure musk pen
  25. Ero spanish fly extreme for women
    Special Price $14.97 Regular Price $16.08
  26. Ero libido+ men and woman
    Special Price $16.04 Regular Price $16.08
  27. Ero power drops ginseng
    Special Price $16.04 Regular Price $16.08
  28. Ero energy drops taurin and guarana
    Special Price $16.04 Regular Price $16.08
  29. Yummy cum drops 30ml
    Special Price $18.19 Regular Price $21.41
  30. Love drops
    Special Price $9.60 Regular Price $14.91
  31. Drop sex 20ml
  32. French kiss strawberry
  33. french kiss raspberry
  34. Hot orgasm drops 30 ml
  35. Testos drops
  36. Cobeco sex on the beach 30ml
  37. Cantha drops
  38. Spanish fly cola kicks 15 ml
  39. Spanish fly caramel fudge mix
  40. Spanish fly raspberry romance
  41. Extase sensuel orale passion

Items 1-81 of 89 Sensitivity enhancers

Set Descending Direction

Sensitivity stimulators are products that will help you better enjoy your sexual relations. These have been explicitly designed to be used in pairs. It will give her a very pleasant sensation and enhance her sexual desire. He will feel a vital erection maintaining his power.

Sensitivity stimulators for women

Many times tiredness, lack of foreplay, worry and also excitement, become obstacles to reaching orgasm. It is in these moments that you need stimulators and put yourself in their hands to reach the seventh heaven. With these vaginal stimulators you will give a complete turn to your sexual relations, which will improve considerably and of course the couple environment will be much more pleasant since it can give you the sensation of hot or cold, although the couple also tickles.

Remember that orgasm is very beneficial for releasing stress, reducing tension and increasing estrogens that will improve your mood. So ... you have to buy them.

Sensitivity stimulators for men

Male stimulators are ideal to intensify the pleasure of men, either to enhance virility or also a retarder against premature ejaculation. This becomes good options to control sexual pleasure, in addition to contact with women can also intensify her orgasm.

The sensation for men is fire / ice depending on his arousal, in addition to enhancing the penis making it more rigid and vigorous.

You have different options to buy sensitivity stimulators, such as products from Fun Factory, Lelo, Pjur, or the popular Durex Play O. Absolutely all products not only provide stimulation, but will also increase sexual desire and of course the most intense orgasms. . They are ideal for sensual exploration of the body for both them and for them.