Vibrators allow to reach orgasm faster and more easily. Many women, who are unable to orgasm earlier, report success when they have used some form of vibrator. In addition, vibrators are fantastic objects of desire that will make you feel and experience unique sensations. The use of vibrators improves a couple's experience resulting in a better relationship and a better sense of well-being. We have the main brands in the vibrator sector. We also have a wide range of vibrators of all types and sizes. Buying a vibrator you will discover an exciting pleasure never before experienced. Don't think twice and get one of our vibrators from our erotic shop!


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Items 1-81 of 2314 Vibrators

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A little history...

Vibrators were invented in 1880 by Kellina Wilkinson with the sole purpose of treating what was then called " female hysteria " or " genital congestion ", so that at that time the vibrator was considered a therapeutic instrument. It was not until 1902 that Hamilton Beach patented the first electric vibrator and began selling it to the public that same year. But 50 years later a new generation of vibrators began to appear, opening doors to a plethora of sex toy stores .

Today the vibrator is considered the most popular sex toy of all and there are a large number of brands that manufacture them with high technology and latest generation materials suitable for the human body.

What is a vibrator?

If you are not very sure or sure of what a vibrator is beyond what everyone knows , we can only say that vibrators are objects created to give sexual pleasure and are characterized by the fact that they can vibrate being electromechanical. That is, the vibrators have an electric motor that is connected to a weight that is set to rotate and thus produce vibrations, which is a system very similar to that used by smartphones to vibrate.

In a nutshell, we can say that a vibrator is almost the same as a dildo or dildo , only that these two need the energy of a person to be able to move, leaving the electrical operation aside.

Today there are many vibrator manufacturers investing in technology and research to make special, ergonomic vibrators that better meet their goal of giving better sexual pleasure and making it easier to achieve an orgasm.

What is this erotic toy for?

The vibration system and the shapes of the vibrators are thought and designed with the sole objective of providing great pleasure to both women and men.

The benefits of using a vibrator

It is clear that the first benefit that comes to mind is better sexual pleasure , but in reality today there are a wide variety of serious studies showing that women who use vibrators in their relationships have a better sex life, which It is accompanied by a better functioning of your sexual organs.

It has also been repeatedly confirmed that vibrators are capable of helping women achieve higher levels of arousal , since using vibrators greatly facilitates the achievement of an orgasm by greatly increasing pleasure, drive and sexual desire.

Vibrators have been a great help for people who have certain disabilities, since thanks to these they can sexually stimulate their partner, something they could not do without these sex toys.

Studies have revealed that about 60% of couples use vibrators during their relationships, which means that their use is not only used for solo masturbation as was believed some years ago; A large number of couples and women have shown in different studies that vibrators give them a better sex life, much more satisfying and that it allows them to experience new sensations to a new degree of intimacy.

What are the different types of vibrators?

Knowing what a vibrator is and what it is for is very simple and even obvious, but maybe you have doubts about the different types of vibrators and if all the vibrators are the same or if they are used for mimes, so we will try to clarify this doubt and talk to you about the different types of vibrators:

  • Classics : These vibrators are the toy of choice for most users. There are different sizes, shapes, textures, and more. They are perfect to use in personal moments or even to be used with your partner to improve relationships. There is a wide variety of classic vibrators on the market.
  • Realistic : Realistic or realistic vibrators are those that have the main objective of reproducing the man's penis in the most realistic way possible, of course, integrating a vibration system. These are manufactured with great detail to imitate the reproductive part of man in terms of thickness, length and details (roughness, veins, glans, etc ...).
  • Anal : This type of vibrator has been becoming very fashionable in recent years. They combine the pleasure of rear penetration with vibration to deliver an unbeatable experience. Generally, these types of vibrators give the possibility of being introduced progressively to achieve better anal stimulation.
  • Modern : This type of vibrators balances classic sex toys and the latest gadget technology, always designed to enhance intimate pleasure. Its functions and technology go beyond pleasure, so you can find a friend in many varieties to satisfy yourself.
  • G- spot: These vibrators are specially made to find and give pleasure to the G-spot of women. This point is an area behind the female's pubis and around the urethra. These vibrators have shapes specifically designed to stimulate this point.
  • Double : This type of vibrators is generally used by the lesbian public, since they have a double head on each side so that both parts can satisfy each other at the same time, although there are also double vibrators that stimulate both the anus and the vagina. at the same time. You can find classic or modern double vibrators, there is a wide variety.
  • Silicone : In recent years, several silicone vibrators have been manufactured and are one of the best quality, since this material ensures a very long durability and significantly improves the hygiene of the toy. In addition, this material has a very silky touch, very realistic that imitates human touch very well. It adapts very well to changes in temperature and can be used with most lubricants on the market.
  • Rotators : This type of vibrators have the characteristic of having a part that has the ability to rotate at the end of the vibrator. This piece rotates independently of the vibrator motor and are generally complemented by tiny projections that simultaneously stimulate the clitoris.

More information about the vibrator

Vibrators are a vibrant sex toy that can be used by men or women, alone or in pairs or even as an aid to help you achieve sexual orgasm. These types of toys have been around for a long time, but it wasn't until the 1960s that they were essentially dominant and became a commonly discussed item. Today's vibrators have used the latest advances in micro technology and artificial materials to produce a superior product that is unmatched in its ability to create the stimulus and ultimately help you climax.

The most basic vibrator generally offers multiple speed vibration along the shaft. This is great for penetration, although many women find that stimulating the clitoris is the easiest and fastest way to reach orgasm; Many vibrators also have additional clitoral stimulators . In fact, many sex therapists now try to encourage their patients to learn how to climax more easily and regularly through vibrator practice, simply by using it! There are vibrators that offer rotating beads through the shaft, others are made with realistic materials or veins, and some can do almost anything but iron clothes. Whatever your budget, whatever your perverse taste, you will be sure to find just what you need for your sexual fun .

Vibrators can have complex mechanisms, multiple control buttons, remote controls, wireless control or can only have a basic button control at the end of the shaft. The great benefit of this type of toy is that there really is a vibrator option for everyone. Even the most inexperienced can find an easy-to-use toy and the most experienced can get all the benefits of the most technologically developed toys; There are almost limitless options in styles, materials, and features. You will be able to enjoy waterproof vibrators that are suitable for underwater play, some even glow in the dark and some are made to be small and discreet enough to be used in public without being noticed if necessary.