Vibrators: Where your erogenous zones find their perfect tune.


Items 1-81 of 1684 Vibrators

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  1. Satisfyer Couples Bliss
  2. Deluxe Satisfaction
  3. Bliss Satisfyer
  4. Satisfyer Tips Kit
  5. Satisfyer Summit Kit
  6. Climax Tips Kit
  7. Black Multi-Purpose Pleasure
  8. Satisfyer Penguin Pro Kit
  9. Dark Desire Satisfyer
  10. Purple Bliss Satisfyer
  11. Climax Tips Kit
  12. Satisfyer G-Spot Bliss
  13. Frozen Sweet Temptation
  14. Pink Seduction
  15. Glamorous Curved Crystal Wand
  16. Arges Goddess Collection
  17. Revolution Red Lingerie
  18. Revopandora
  19. Love Teaser Ring
  20. Love Shine
  21. Bunny Love Vibrator
  22. Mischievous Vibrant Baroness
  23. Vibrant Green
  24. Gigi Vibrating Panty
  25. PixieG Vibrant - Purple
  26. Pink Fire Point Vibrator
  27. FlexiBunny Red Vibrator
  28. Botanical Green Booster
  29. Trinity VibroTongue
  30. Large Black Dong
  31. Bunny Splash
  32. Mini Vibrator Sparkle Yellow
  33. Funky Rose Vibrator
  34. G-Spot Vibrator Pulse Pink
  35. Seductive Pink Kisses
  36. Vibrating Butterfly
  37. Passionate Heart Stimulator
  38. VibraSleek
  39. Vibraneal
  40. RightOnRon Stimulator Vibrator
  41. Mini Vibracone
  42. Vibrating Mini Pleasure
  43. MiniGspot
  44. Pleasure Pump Kit
  45. Blue Earthquake
  46. Vibrant Blue Hurricane
  47. Leila Candy Rose
  48. Blissful Black
  49. Blue Seduction Pen
  50. Sensual Pink
  51. Peacock Feather Glitter
  52. VibraElite
  53. VibraRot Elite
  54. Agave Velvet Vibe
  55. Achelois Silk - Turquoise
  56. Green Pen
  57. Fuchsia Touch
  58. Obsidian Thong
  59. Purple Vibrator Nami
  60. Purple Etsu Vibrator
  61. Petals of Passion
  62. Euphoria Triple Vibrator
  63. Love Glide
  64. Flexi Wand - Fuchsia
  65. Curved Massager Wand - Green
  66. Pink Pulse
  67. Tickling Violet Vibrator
  68. Harmony Turquoise Vibrator
  69. VibraFlex G-Spot 19cm
  70. Water Green Smart Medium Wand
  71. Purple Smart Wand
  72. Pleasure Waves

Items 1-81 of 1684 Vibrators

Set Descending Direction

Welcome to the vibrant and intoxicating Loviux store, where every click will lead you to discover new horizons of pleasure! Our collection of vibrators is like an exotic cocktail: diverse, full of flavor, and perfect for shaking up your night (or day, we don't judge). Ready to dive into a sea of sensations?

A World of Vibrations to Explore

Vibrators are not just erotic toys; they are travel companions in the exploration of desire and sensation. At Loviux, our range goes from the elegant and discreet G-spot vibrator to the bold and adventurous Rabbit vibrator, with innovations that will leave you speechless and your heart beating faster. Are you brave enough to explore them all?

For Those Seeking Solo Pleasure... or with Company

Whether you want to ignite the spark of self-exploration or add a new level of excitement to your couple encounters, our vibrators are designed to maximize pleasure and turn any moment into an unforgettable adventure. From ergonomic designs to cutting-edge technology, each vibrator is intended to take you to climax in the smoothest, most intense, or provocative way you prefer.

Technology Serving Pleasure

Thought the world of vibrators had become stagnant? Think again! At Loviux, we combine cutting-edge technology with intuitive design to offer vibrators with remote control, mobile apps, and even virtual reality. Imagine the possibilities, where distance is no longer a barrier to play and fun. The future of pleasure is here and now!

Discretion and Quality: Our Commitments

We understand that while desire is universal, discretion is key. That’s why all our vibrators come in elegant and discreet packaging, ensuring that your little secret is well kept... until you decide to reveal it. Moreover, quality is our promise: top-notch materials, body-safe, and durable, because your pleasure is our business.

Why Choose Loviux?

  • Diverse assortment: From gentle vibrations to pleasure earthquakes, we have what you’re looking for.
  • Guaranteed quality: Only the best materials for a safe and pleasurable experience.
  • Discreet and fast shipping: So that only you know what’s arriving at your door... and perhaps someone else, if you wish.
  • Personalized attention: Doubts? Questions? Our team is ready to guide you every step of the way.

Immerse yourself in the universe of Loviux vibrators and let each sensation be a discovery, each vibration a revelation. Whether to better understand yourself or to explore new territories as a couple, our toys are the key to a world of limitless pleasure.

Dare to Feel More

Ready to add a new vibrator to your collection? Or perhaps this is your first step in this exciting world? Whatever your case may be, Loviux is here to make this experience unforgettable. Explore, choose, and get ready to feel like never before. Because in the game of pleasure, the more you dare to explore, the more intense the reward will be. Dare to feel more!

Discover the full selection at Loviux, where pleasure is just a click away. When it comes to satisfaction, there are no limits to what you can explore and enjoy. Let the adventure begin!

In the universe of Loviux, each vibrator is a star, shining with its own light to guide you towards unexplored pleasure constellations. These are not mere toys; they are tools of self-discovery, bonding artifacts, and bridges to dimensions of delight you may have never imagined reaching. But how does one navigate this galaxy of sensations? Here follows a section of questions and answers to illuminate your path towards cosmic pleasure.

Frequently Asked Questions about Vibrators

How are these products used?

The use of a vibrator is as diverse as the stars in the sky. Start by familiarizing yourself with your new companion: observe its shape, feel its texture, and explore its speeds and vibration patterns. Most can be used for both external stimulation, like the clitoris, and internal stimulation, like the G-spot. Remember, experimentation is key; try different positions and settings until you find the ones that make you soar.

What are they specifically used for?

Vibrators serve a multitude of glorious purposes. Their main function is to provide pleasure, either through direct stimulation of erogenous zones or as a complement during foreplay or sexual intercourse with a partner. However, they go beyond mere pleasure; they are also valuable tools for self-discovery and strengthening intimate connection between partners. Additionally, they can be great allies in pursuing greater sexual satisfaction and relieving certain sexual dysfunctions.

Are there different types of vibrators?

Of course! The constellation of vibrators at Loviux is vast and varied. From the classic bullet vibrators perfect for precise stimulation, to innovative suction vibrators promising to take you to the stars with unique sensations. There are G-spot vibrators designed to seek and delight that elusive treasure, and Rabbit vibrators that stimulate the clitoris and G-spot simultaneously for a doubly divine experience. And this is just the beginning.

How can I choose the right vibrator for me?

Choosing your vibrator is like choosing your own adventure. Consider what type of stimulation you're seeking: external, internal, or both? Do you prefer something discreet and quiet or something more robust and powerful? Are you drawn to the latest technological innovations, like app-controlled vibrators? Reflect on these questions as you browse through our catalog. And remember, our team at Loviux is always ready to guide you through the stars.

Are they safe to use?

Safety is our guiding constellation at Loviux. All our vibrators are made with body-safe materials, such as medical-grade silicone, and meet the highest quality standards. However, it's crucial to use them according to the provided instructions, use compatible lubricants, and maintain proper hygiene of the product before and after each use.

How can I keep my vibrator in the best conditions?

Just like any pleasure artifact, your vibrator requires care to continue exploring galaxies of pleasure for a long time. Wash it with warm water and mild soap or a specific toy cleaner before and after each use. Store it in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. And very importantly, make sure to fully charge it or change the batteries as needed, so it's ready for takeoff at any time.

Is it normal to be curious about vibrators?

Totally normal and healthy. Curiosity is the start of all journeys of discovery, and the desire to explore sexual pleasure is no exception. At Loviux, we celebrate that curiosity and invite you to embark on this space adventure of pleasure. Here, there is no judgment, only a universe of possibilities waiting to be explored.

With these questions and answers, we hope to have illuminated some of the mysteries surrounding vibrators. However, this is just the beginning. True knowledge lies in experience, in the audacity to venture into the unknown. So, why not take the first step towards a new dimension of pleasure today? Discover the full selection at Loviux, and let your adventure begin.