If what you want is to mark the curves of your buttocks, hips and legs in a very sensual way, you can turn to our leggings that are designed in different colors and textures. Along with heels and a corset, leggings are essential accessories in your more sensual and sexy outfit. It not only covers and highlights your curves , it can also be a second skin to be caressed, kissed and completely desired by your lover.


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Leggings being reigning among women, thanks to their comfort and versatility with which you can use them. The key to using these garments is to be able to transmit any look you want from relaxed or casual to elegant, if it is used with accessories and garments that combine. What should be considered when buying leggings is the shape and length, according to your body and the pattern you want to wear, therefore check the information we provide in the store so that later you are not surprised with the order that arrives at At home, it ensures that it is not too thin or that it can be transparent as it can expose skin.

There are different types of leggings that you can buy in our store, if you want to show off your curves, be it hip, buttocks or legs in a sensual way, this garment will be your ally. Next we will mention the types of leggings that can be found in “A real pleasure”.

Neutral colored leggings : these classic leggings are never going out of style, and they are a reference piece for all women. It is very easy to combine them if you want to look sensual before your partner. It will be a challenge to combine with these garments.

Jeggins : it is the mix of leggings and jeans . The difference between jean is that it adjusts much more to your body, making you show off your curves. And you can combine it with any garment as you would with a normal jean.

Printed Leggings : Ideal for the spring season, the prints are varied as animal print, geometric, tribal military, etc. the goal is to highlight the legs.

Leather Texture Leggings : We are not referring to that leather look with them. With this type of pants you can create a more charming and sensual outfit, giving free rein to your imagination.