Water Based Lubes

Slide into the pleasure wave with Water-Based Lubricants, where fun flows endlessly.


Items 1-81 of 216 Water Based Lubes

Set Descending Direction
  1. Cuntcaress
  2. Lubricant "Poke Soak" 100ml
  3. Squirtify 100ml
  4. LubriCap 50ml - Kiss Flavor
  5. LubriCalor Mojito 50ml
  6. DuoGlide Sensual Lubricant
  7. Cannalube 100ml
  8. Sensual Aquaglide Oil, 200 ml
  9. Pjur aqua panthenol - 100ml
  10. Swiss Glide Mini
  11. Durex Tingle Lubricant 50ml
  12. Brazilian Heat Balls
  13. Brazilian Strawberry Ball Set
  14. Enchanted Forest Balls
  15. SlowJoy Anal Gel 30 ml
  16. Maple Delight Lubricant
  17. Coconut Lube Aroma Shunga
  18. VegLube 100ml
  19. LubriXtreme 65 - Total Glide
  20. LubriSemen 70ml
  21. LubriSemen 250ml
  22. Hydrating Fisting Gel 500ml
  23. FreshLube
  24. LubriFresh 60ml
  25. LubriFresh 120ml
  26. Eros Water Ginseng - 100ml
  27. Eros Male Cream 100ml
  28. TropicLube 75ml
  29. AloeLube 75ml
  30. Heat Up
  31. LubriHialuPan - 200ml
  32. UltraGlide Fisting Gel
  33. Liquid Sensuality 1000ml
  34. LubriPower 30ml
  35. Silky Intimate Gel
  36. Vanilla Lubriglide 100ml
  37. SilkBio 500ml
  38. LubriAqua 125 - Perfect Glide
  39. Water Toy Eros
  40. Organic LubriMar
  41. NaturLube 125ml
  42. StrawberryLube 100ml
  43. Cbl tasty lube natural 100ml
  44. Tenga hole lotion solid
  45. Bright Fruit Duo
  46. Anal Initiation Kit
  47. Intense Orgasmic 10ml
  48. NaturalLube 100ml
  49. Cherry lubricant - 100 ml
  50. SlideX

Items 1-81 of 216 Water Based Lubes

Set Descending Direction

Dive into the universe of Water-Based Lubricants, where every drop is a one-way ticket to an adventure filled with pleasurable glides and unforgettable experiences. At Loviux, we understand that the perfect preamble to any intimate encounter is a smooth texture that invites bodies to join in a frictionless dance. That's why we have carefully selected a collection of water-based lubricants that promise to elevate your passion to stratospheric levels, making every contact a celestial caress.

Why choose water-based lubricants? Simple. They are the most versatile and friendly with all toys and condoms. Imagine a world where you can glide into pleasure without worries, where each movement is smoother than the last. That world is real, and it's here at Loviux, waiting for you.

Explore our range of Water-Based Lubricants

From the purest and most natural to those with stimulating effects, our collection is designed to satisfy your deepest desires. Whether you seek a night of fiery passion or a soft and sensual touch experience, we have the perfect lubricant for you.

  • Natural Lubricants: For lovers of authenticity, we offer options without parabens, glycerin, or additives. Perfect for sensitive skin and those looking for a more authentic experience.
  • With effects: Want to add an extra touch to your nights of passion? Discover lubricants with heat, cold, or tingling effects, and transform every encounter into an adventure full of unexpected sensations.
  • Flavors and Aromas: Elevate your senses with lubricants that not only glide but also delight your palate and sense of smell. From exotic fruits to sweet temptations, we have the flavor that will turn your kisses into the perfect appetizer.

Why Loviux is your destination for Water-Based Lubricants

At Loviux, we don't just sell products; we create experiences. Each selection is an invitation to explore your sexuality with confidence and joy. Our water-based lubricants are the gateway to a richer and more satisfying sex life. Plus, when you shop with us, you ensure:

  • Premium Quality: We only work with trusted brands that guarantee safety and satisfaction with every use.
  • Unmatched Variety: Our wide range of products ensures you'll find exactly what you're looking for, and perhaps something more that you didn't even know you desired.
  • Total Discretion: We understand that privacy is crucial. That's why your orders arrive in discreet packaging, allowing you to explore your most intimate desires with complete peace of mind.

Slide into Pleasure with Loviux

Ready to glide into a wave of pleasure? Loviux's Water-Based Lubricants are your best ally for smoother, more sensual, and satisfying experiences. Don't let friction stop your fun; add to your cart the lubricant that will transform your intimate moments into unforgettable memories. And remember, at Loviux, your pleasure is our passion.

Explore, experience, and enjoy without limits. Discover our selection of water-based lubricants today and feel how each drop brings you closer to that dreamy climax. Because in the game of love and passion, the only rule is to enjoy to the fullest. Welcome to Loviux, where every product is a promise of endless pleasure.

While you're here, why not take a look at our other categories? From erotic toys to seductive lingerie, Loviux is your one-stop shop for everything you need to live your sexuality fully and freely. Immerse yourself in the pleasure you deserve with Loviux, your partner in erotic adventures.

Entering the world of Loviux's Water-Based Lubricants is like opening a door to a secret garden of unimaginable pleasures, where every step is a discovery and every touch, a revelation. At Loviux, we believe that knowledge is as much power as pleasure, which is why we have compiled a Q&A section to guide the curious and the experienced along the slippery path of delight offered by our water-based lubricants. Get ready to dive in!

Frequently Asked Questions about Water-Based Lubricants

How are these products used?

Imagine you are facing a blank canvas, and the water-based lubricant is your paintbrush. Apply a generous amount to the desired area or directly onto the erotic toy. There are no limits to creativity: you can use your fingers to spread it, creating a unique tactile experience. Remember, the goal is to reduce friction, allowing your movements to be as fluid as a river effortlessly flowing towards the sea of pleasure.

What are they specifically used for?

Water-based lubricants are like the elixir of life for your intimate encounters. They serve multiple purposes: facilitating penetration, increasing pleasure sensations, and reducing any discomfort or friction that may arise. They are like wizards of glide, transforming every touch into a gentle caress and every movement into a dance of sensations. Plus, they are compatible with condoms and toys, making them essential in your pleasure arsenal.

What makes them unique compared to other types of lubricants?

Water-based lubricants are the chameleons of the pleasure world: versatile, adaptable, and friendly with almost everything. Unlike their silicone- or oil-based cousins, these lubricants get along great with silicone toys and condoms, avoiding damage and prolonging the lifespan of your pleasure treasures. Additionally, they clean up easily, leaving your skin soft and residue-free. It's like having the superpower to enjoy without complications.

Are there variants for different needs or preferences?

Of course! At Loviux, we know that each person is a universe of desires and needs. That's why our range of water-based lubricants is as diverse as the stars in the sky. Looking for a more natural experience? Opt for our organic lubricants. Want to add an extra thrill? Try those with heat or cold effects. And for the sweet-toothed, we offer flavors that will turn your foreplay into a delicious tasting. Each option is a gateway to new pleasures.

How do I choose the ideal water-based lubricant for me?

Choosing the perfect lubricant is like finding your soulmate: when you meet "the one," you know. Consider your needs: do you have sensitive skin? Opt for hypoallergenic options. Do you love erotic toys? Make sure it's compatible. And, of course, let curiosity guide you. Experiment with different textures, effects, and flavors. At Loviux, each lubricant is a promise of new experiences, so feel, try, and discover your favorite.

What are the care and precautions to consider?

Although water-based lubricants are quite safe, it's always good to play with caution. Read the labels to ensure they don't contain ingredients you may be allergic to. Also, remember that while they are compatible with condoms and toys, it's important to clean the latter after each use to maintain hygiene. And, as with any intimate product, if you experience irritation or discomfort, it's best to stop using it and consult a professional.

Dive into Pleasure with Loviux

At Loviux, every product is an invitation to explore, feel, and enjoy without limits. Water-Based Lubricants are just the beginning of a journey full of pleasure and discoveries. So, whether you're taking your first steps in this world or you're an experienced explorer, we have everything you need to make each experience unforgettable. Explore, play, and let yourself be carried away by the current of desire towards uncharted pleasure horizons. Welcome to Loviux, your guide on this journey to ecstasy.

And remember, at Loviux, we're here to help you bring your wildest fantasies to life. With a selection ranging from water-based lubricants to erotic toys that awaken the imagination, your next pleasure adventure is just a click away. Discover the universe of possibilities Loviux has for you and live your sexuality with freedom, fun, and a touch of mischief.