Vibrating Rings

Vibrating Rings

Vibrating rings for couples or cockrings are available in our store. They are fantastic normally silicone sex toys with vibration mode and clitoral stimulator. They serve both to increase pleasure to her by arousing the clitoris com to delay ejaculation in his case. Buy vibrating rings now in our erotic shop LOVIUX.


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  1. Eos the rabbit c-ring purple
  2. Isex usb luv ring white
    Special Price $17.87 Regular Price $23.63
  3. Anilla vibradora
    Special Price $5.55 Regular Price $7.94
  4. Silhouette s2 - purple
  5. Tenga svr smart vibe ring white
    Special Price $89.59 Regular Price $89.65
  6. Tenga svr smart vibe ring black
    Special Price $89.59 Regular Price $89.65
  7. Fantasy c-ringz remote control perforance pro
    Special Price $54.86 Regular Price $72.79
  8. Satisfaction c-ring - black
  9. Bathmate -vibe ring eight
  10. Dual vibrating toy poise red
  11. Remote orgasm ring - puprle
  12. Control toys pleasure booster
  13. Control toys pleasure vibes
  14. Wireless clit flicker - red
  15. The red nosed reindeer
  16. V-ring
  17. W- ring
  18. Enhancer bunny ring - purple
  19. Anillo link up edge
  20. Anillo link up max
  21. Anillo link up verge
  22. Horny af vibrating ring
  23. Bullet cock ring - purple
  24. We-vibe verge vibrating ring
  25. One touch flicker
  26. One touch dolphin
  27. One touch nubby
  28. Wireless rockin rabbit
  29. Triple clit flicker pink
  30. Double dolphin blue
  31. Couples raging bull red
  32. Ring of passion
  33. Jana butterfly ring
  34. Cockring silicone clear
  35. Cockring silicone purple
  36. Double fun cock ring
  37. Incite - 10 speed - cock ring
  38. Rockin rabbit clear
  39. Impulse micro arouser smoke
  40. Superior cock ring - black
  41. Rechargeable teasing enhancer

Items 1-81 of 133 Vibrating Rings

Set Descending Direction

Vibrating Rings Store

If you are wanting to incorporate some mischief into your sexual relationships that are fun, you have to try vibrating rings . These are excellent male sex toys , because it not only increases pleasure as the pressure of the ring helps delay ejaculation and maintain a firm erection, as well as lasting.

There are different types of vibrating rings , but one of the main objectives is that during sexual intercourse it stimulates the couple's clitoris, giving pleasure to both. Although, it is also being used to delay ejaculation.

Among our male audience it has become one of the most requested products, which they want to enjoy as a couple. They are mostly made of a gelatinous material that includes that vibrating bullet that stimulates the clitoris at the moment of sexual intercourse. Undoubtedly, this small toy opens a wide range of new experiences of fun and pleasure as a couple , during those moments or nights of passion.

Before using the toy that you acquire in our store, we always recommend disinfecting it, despite being packaged, for greater hygiene. In addition, that the moment of sexual act the toy should be withdrawn every 20 or 30 minutes so that a correct blood circulation of the penis can be had. In this way, sufficient oxygen will be provided in the erectile tissues.

Put a romantic and vibrant touch in your relationships, there is nothing more pleasant that both enjoy a sexual relationship equally. The vibrating rings offer a great benefit and stimulation for a power in the erection. In our store you will find different designs such as the spacer ring , which extends through the testicles with a strap around each testicle or also the ring that extends through the scrotum, which can be tied with small weights which increases pleasure.