Magic Wands

The massagers and stimulators will stimulate you throughout the body and will make you enjoy your partner in a fun and enjoyable way. We have the famous We Vibe , as the reference stimulator , in addition to many other clitoral massagers. They are really vibrators but they have an additional function: to massage your body in a sensual and unique way.


Items 1-81 of 626 Magic Wands

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  1. Tenga egg thunder easy ona-cap
    Special Price $8.39 Regular Price $8.93
  2. Jesses vibro pussy sucker
  3. Sexy finger ticklers pink
    Special Price $5.98 Regular Price $9.65
  4. Tenga vi-bo stick orb
    Special Price $30.12 Regular Price $30.18
  5. Tenga egg shiny easy ona-cap
    Special Price $8.39 Regular Price $8.93
  6. Venus penis vibrator
  7. Tenga egg misty easy ona-cap
    Special Price $8.39 Regular Price $8.93
  8. Double play
  9. Tenga egg surfer easy ona-cap
    Special Price $8.39 Regular Price $8.93
  10. Tenga vi-bo twin orb
    Special Price $30.12 Regular Price $30.18
  11. Tenga egg street easy ona-cap by keith haring
    Special Price $8.39 Regular Price $8.93
  12. Lelo mona 2 vibrator purple
  13. Cupping vacuum cupset
  14. Lelo mona 2 vibrator cerise
  15. Clitoral pump
  16. Extreme toyz mini fuck slut
  17. Extreme toyz tender twat
  18. Crystal clear vibrator lady green
    Special Price $9.60 Regular Price $9.97
  19. Lelo soraya vibrator cerise
  20. Extreme toyz dirty twat
  21. Extreme toyz tuna taco
  22. Aliv
    Special Price $8.39 Regular Price $10.91
  23. Turtle Jelly stimulator ring
    Special Price $21.67 Regular Price $28.17
  24. Bullet cock ring - purple
  25. Extreme toyz junk in tha trunk
  26. Extreme toyz tunnel of love.
  27. Extreme toyz see me spread
  28. Extreme toyz virgin snatch
  29. Extreme toyz fill her up
  30. Lelo inez vibrator gold
  31. Feelztoys vito anal plug
  32. Lelo mona 2 vibrator red
  33. Lelo alia vibrator deep rose
    Special Price $108.59 Regular Price $128.70
  34. Lelo alia vibrator pink
    Special Price $108.59 Regular Price $128.70
  35. Lelo alia vibrator black
    Special Price $108.59 Regular Price $128.70
  36. Crystal clear vibrator lady pink
    Special Price $9.60 Regular Price $9.97
  37. Omg enjoy vibrating wand pink
  38. Shegasm deluxe - black
  39. Shegasm intense - pink
  40. Roto-bator pussy
  41. Posh finger teasers swirls
  42. Nipple bulb
  43. Nipple barrel clamps

Items 1-81 of 626 Magic Wands

Set Descending Direction

Massagers and Magic Wands are devices that help their users to relax through skin sensations when used. There are several different types of massagers that offer a wide variety of different sensations, such as those that vibrate or those that offer pulsations. These high quality toys can be used to relax muscles or to please erogenous zones. Digital displays or remote controls are often included in the device to keep movements at a comfortable pace and thus allow users to maintain control at all times.

Like many other adult toys, massagers and magic wands are designed to spark the imagination and help couples explore their bodies. Because of this, there are many shapes, sizes, colors, and functions that can appeal to a number of different tastes. Waterproof materials are often used, and travel-friendly massagers are also available. Massagers are a must-have for many adults. Perfect for solo play or to please your partner, massagers help you relax and explore. Each design gives you a gentle pulsating motion or intense vibration that helps tease and tempt your skin.