Sex Balls (Kegel)

The Chinese balls from our erotic store are that fantastic sex toy for girls that will make you enjoy and improve your health. Chinese balls , also called Kegel exercise balls or Geisha balls, are recommended by gynecologists to strengthen the pelvic floor. Do not think twice and buy these cheap Chinese balls .


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  1. Golden balls - ben wa balls
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  3. Lelo beads plus
  4. Bolas chinas con vibracion
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  21. Clarity pink

Items 1-81 of 136 Sex Balls (Kegel)

Set Descending Direction

The Chinese Balls (or Ben Wa Balls) make you practice Kegel exercises and are sensual masturbation devices, as well as a very useful tool to improve the strength of the pelvic floor muscle. As people age, the muscles of the pelvic floor can begin to disintegrate, causing less sensation during intercourse for both of them, as well as difficulties reaching climax. Ben Wa Balls , tested to help with this problem, are balls that are made of body-safe materials and come in many different sizes and weights. They are inserted into the vagina or anus and are held in place by the vaginal sphincter or muscles; thus strengthening these muscles.

Most Chinese balls have a chain for easy insertion and removal. These balls have actually been used around the world for centuries as a surefire way to enhance the sensual experience in bed. Today's versions feature medical-grade materials and convenient handles to make them easy enough for beginners to use. You can use a single ball or use a pair of balls and the sensations will vary depending on the weight.

If you want to cheer on your partner or need to improve your pelvic floor muscles, there are many benefits to using Chinese balls . Women can reduce the chances of urinary incontinence caused by poorly trained pelvic muscles and can dramatically improve their ability to orgasm. The pelvic floor muscles are in charge of triggering uterine contractions of orgasm, so the stronger the pelvic floor muscles are, the better your chances of orgasms. Chinese balls can be used for as long as you like, they are completely sterile and safe if used correctly and it is an economical way to improve your physical and sexual health.